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“Payroll” covers a myriad of taxes related to employment. Some of these taxes are progressive, such as income tax, and some are regressive, such as unemployment. (Medicare is neither.) Some are paid by the employer, some are paid by the employee, and some are shared. Some are paid to the U.S. and some are paid to the state. Some are due annually, some quarterly, some monthly or sometimes more often depending on various things.

Some can be paid by mailing a check, but some must be paid at a Federal Reserve Bank or electronically.

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Payroll Services for Small Business

We can be your full payroll service provider while also saving you money over those large payroll companies.

With Intuit Payroll, we can integrate your payroll through your Quickbooks file and handle quarterly tax payments for you.

For those who don’t own Quickbooks, or want stand alone Payroll, we will talk to you about your needs and provide additional options.  Quickbooks offer a variety of options for payroll with flexible affordable payment plans for any budget.

Whatever Payroll Services you require, you can always be assured that it will be handled accurately, efficient, and on time.

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Payroll Made Easy

In business since 2005, outsourcing payroll services is one of the best online payroll and human resources services option in the highly competitive market of payroll service providers. We offer remote payroll check and ACH Direct Deposit disbursements, mailing, along with custom payment types available. Sending a high-volume of Payroll Checks and other payments out is our Specialty.

We employ a variety of experts in banking, critical data storage, internet and technical security, and fraud-prevention/risk management to provide the most stable human resources payout platform available and to ensure that companies that decide to outsource their payroll services to Fierce Payroll, get their human resources payroll solutions addressed to the best degree possible.